Mini Miss Cosmos United States

Chloe Joyner 

All about Chloe…..

Hello! My name is Chloe Joyner and I am 5 years old! I currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee with my family. I have 3 brothers, Steven, Joshua and Matthias. I am my parents’ only princess. I enjoy singing, ballet and tap dancing, gymnastics and pageants of course. In the fall, I will be a kindergarten student. My national platform is called Chloe Cares! I perform random acts of kindness around my community! I enjoy showing appreciation for those who serve and protect in any capacity. It is my belief that I can make a difference through one kind act at a time.

2020 Memories

“Traveled to Bristol, VA/TN to shoot with my Sister Queens”

Dazzle the Day

“Apply today and let me crown you, the next Mini Miss Cosmos United States, 2021”