Mini Miss Cosmos United States

Demi Davenport

All about Demi…..

Demi Davenport, Mini Miss Cosmos United States 2020, is 4years old and from Peachtree City, Ga.  She will be attending preschool this fall.  She is so excited to be in school with her older brother. 

Demi loves to swim and has been able to do so since she was 3 without assistance.  She plays tennis at her local tennis center and hopes to play professionally one day.  She also just finished up her first year of dance at the Georgia Academy of Dance in Peachtree City.  She especially enjoyed tap dancing.  

Demi created her platform earlier this year called Dazzled By Demi which promotes that “you’re never too young to make a difference.”  She paints kindness rocks and places them around our community in hopes that a small act of kindness may brighten someone’s day.  She also likes to fill community pantries with can goods and little libraries with books she has collected.  As Demi would say, “Dazzle the Day”.  

As Mini Miss Cosmos United States, she looks most forward to sharing her love of volunteering with her Cosmos sisters and brothers.  She is also excited to share about her amazing Cosmos experience.  

2020 Memories

“Traveled to Bristol, VA/TN to shoot with my Sister Queens”

Dazzle the Day

“Apply today and let me crown you, the next Mini Miss Cosmos United States, 2021”