Ms. Cosmos

United States

Jayna Randall

All about Jayna…..

With less than a 5% survival rateJayna spent the first three months fighting for her life leading doctors to predict that she would never walk, speak, gain an education, or lead a normal life. The only correct prediction was that she doesn’t live a normal life; she leads an extraordinary one.  

In the early 2000, she found I CAN: Inspiring Confidence in your Abilities Now to partner with multiple organizations to spread the message of diverse abilities and to promote respect, inclusion and belonging. Jayna has helped raised over $12 million dollars working with numerous charities, traveled over 150,000 miles, and served as a spokesperson for Special Olympics, Ability Beyond and an ambassador for the American Heart Association.  

When she is not in the community, Jayna manages marketing technology and leads data / analytics for a top Fortune 500 company.  

2020 Memories

Traveled to Bristol VA and TN to have a shoot with my sister queens.

Appearances with sister queens and sponsors are always the best!

“Apply today and let me crown you, the next Ms. Cosmos United States in beautiful Orlando, July 2021!”